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Broadway Jazz Dance

  • 4Weeks
  • 1Step

Step into the world of rhythm, glamour, and electrifying energy with our Broadway Jazz Dance class – an experience that's sure to leave you breathless and craving an encore! 🌟 The Showtime Spectacle: Imagine yourself under the dazzling lights of Broadway, where the magic of musical theater comes alive through dance. Our Broadway Jazz class brings you the heart-pounding excitement of the stage, where every step is a story and every move a masterpiece. 🎶 Groove to Iconic Tunes: Get ready to dance to the infectious rhythms of legendary show tunes. From Gershwin classics to modern hits, our expert instructors choreograph routines that transport you into the heart of the most beloved Broadway productions. 💃 Versatile Style: Broadway Jazz is a captivating fusion of ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance, offering a versatile and dynamic style that's as expressive as it is exhilarating. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or a beginner, our class welcomes all skill levels. 🎭 Express Yourself: Experience the thrill of emotive storytelling through dance. Our classes emphasize not only technique but also the art of expression, allowing you to convey powerful emotions and narratives with each movement. 🤩 Broadway-Worthy Instructors: Learn from top-notch instructors who've graced the very stages they now teach you to conquer. Their expertise and passion for performance will inspire and elevate your dance journey.

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