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Book your place for Saturday, July 13th 2024 19:00

If yoga and wine bring pleasure and joy, why not combine them?!
After wine, the body slowly relaxes, adapting to the mild alcoholic euphoria. And yoga, in turn, helps to let go of stress and achieve harmony. The result is double zen!

The evening is divided into 3 parts:

1. Animal Yoga Flow - experimental yoga with a characteristic fitting of animal plasticity, will open up a new physical experience, and it’s also fun and funny!

2. Games. I have prepared several interesting motor games for you, you won’t be bored!

3. Women's relaxation with a glass. When the hard part is over, you can meet like-minded people. At least two common interests already exist. And as we know, discussing any topic over a glass of Burgundy is by definition more enjoyable.

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